Large Print

  • Simple black and white transcription to
    full colour representation
  • Correct font styles, layout and alignment
  • Redesign of graphs, tables, charts & forms
  • Clear, crisp and precise text
  • No 'show through'
  • Use of suitable paper sizes, weight & colours
  • A print output of 200 pages per minute
  • Creasing, folding and saddle stitching
    in one continuous process
  • High quality large print production

Large print really speaks for itself – a standard (12pt) document produced in 18pt or higher.

But there is more to it than simply enlarging the print on the photocopier. By using specific printing attributes, the original text is reformatted to make the document clear, crisp and precise maintaining all the correct fonts, alignments and spacing. This includes the redesign of any graphs, tables, forms or pictures.

We ensure that the produced large print document is of the highest quality, so that it remains faithful to your message, brand or image.

Large print is the most common media for the print disabled, giving much wanted independence to people with low vision or corrective lenses. With everyone living longer these days our sensory faculties are not keeping up. The sad fact is that many of us will suffer from a visual impairment in later life and will be unable to read standard 12pt print, which means being classed with a visual impairment.

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